The Fast One
MTB series

An amazing seasonal experience

About The Fast One MTB series

The Fast One MTB events started in 2002 in Vanderbijlpark with just over 150 riders. In 2010, the events moved to the south of Alberton with the venues alternating between Rand Water and Café Du Cirque. As support for the event grew, we decided to have two events per year: the Winter Fast One and the Summer Fast One. Due to the popularity of the events we decided to add the Spring Fast One to the series in 2021. The Fast One MTB series is now made up of three separate events with an average field of 700-1200 entries per event.

The series caters for all types of riders in all age groups, from a children's event to a challenging marathon event for serious riders. In recent years, the marathon has gone through the Eye of Africa estate which has added some additional excitement with their purpose-built single tracks.

In 2022, the Fast One series became part of Gauteng Cycling's newly formed XCM series. The Summer and Winter Fast Ones were events 1 and 4 in the series and the Spring Fast One has now become the Inter Provincial Championship for Cycling South Africa's XCM.

Spectrum Sport Events plans to continue to host these popular events through the continued support of the riders, sponsors and the local communitv.

Race photos for the Fast One MTB series are taken by Windmill Photography and are uploaded after each event within about 10 days

For more Fast One MTB information please contact our race office on: 082 7382909

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Summer Fast One
21 January 2024
Winter Fast One
23 July 2023
Spring Fast One
3 September 2023